Since 1993, our Foundation has embodied and extended the protection mission of CNP Assurances by cultivating humanism and a spirit of openness. The Foundation’s anniversary is an ideal opportunity to explore its rich history of solidarity initiatives and partnerships.

In 1993, the Foundation commits to public health

Created under the aegis of Fondation de France, Fondation CNP Assurances began working on the promotion of public health in 1993. This commitment has been one of the pillars of its development over the past 30 years. The aim is to promote and support projects of general interest that are useful to society.

For 15 years, our Foundation has been committed to improving pain management at all ages of life. Each year, it launches two calls for projects to support initiatives led by medical teams and associations.

Two initiatives among others illustrate this commitment:  

  • Sparadrap : for several years, the Foundation has supported the publication of the educational tools created by the Sparadrap association. These tools aim to improve information for children and parents facing painful medical examinations.
  • Le Rire Médecin : the clowns of the Le Rire Médecin association are specifically trained on support for painful treatment.

In 2009, the Foundation commits to care for cardiac arrest 

In 2009, the Foundation committed to improving care for cardiac arrests and first aid. Saving lives is a civic act and concerns society as a whole, from individuals to public authorities, associations and companies.

The French are poorly trained in this respect, at just 40% of the population. Nearly 20,000 lives could be saved through more widespread knowledge of first aid measures. For 10 years, the Foundation has supported more than 3,000 local authorities in the acquisition of defibrillators and awareness raising.

This fight has become a major focus of its commitment. It took on a new face in 2019 with the partnership signed with the SAUV1 association, which works to train people on emergency responses. The association launched a collaborative geolocation app called “SAUV Life” that helps rescue volunteers to assist victims of cardiac arrest. 

More recently, the "Saving Lives" engagement has been rolled out with the French Red Cross. The Foundation supports the organisation’s “Aller-vers en santé” programme, which develops community-based medico-social systems for the benefit of vulnerable populations, particularly in rural areas.

Reducing social inequalities in health becomes a priority in 2015

In 2011, Fondation CNP Assurances was transformed into a corporate foundation. Four years later, it made a priority of reducing social inequalities. The Foundation supports national projects targeting young people and promoting equal access to health. 

Its first partnership was launched with Agence du service civique (Civic Service Agency) et Alliance pour l’éducation (Alliance For Education). The following year, in 2016, four major new partnerships were signed with:

  • Bibliothèques Sans Frontières (BSF - Libraries without Borders) 
  • Unis-Cité 
  • Fédération des Associations Générales Etudiantes (FAGE - Federation of general student associations)
  • Fondation de la Vocation.

Over the years, our Foundation has become a venue for experimentation and dialogue involving associations, citizens and company employees. Its objective is to accelerate projects that are useful to society and create conditions that encourage spin-off actions. 

Find out about the Foundation’s current partnerships

In 2021, CNP Assurances adopted its corporate mission. The Foundation’s societal actions are proof of the Group’s commitment to work with its partners for an inclusive and sustainable society.

The Foundation supports and encourages employee solidarity commitments

Fondation CNP Assurances also accelerates the projects of Group employees committed to non-profit initiatives. Since 2011, nearly 120 employees have benefited from the Foundation’s support in the fields of health, education and disability.. 

A further step forward was taken in 2023 to increase employee commitment to solidarity initiatives. 

The "CNP Solidaire: getting everyone involved" programme encourages staff to contribute to initiatives with a societal impact during their working hours by means of a platform connecting them with 1,500 listed non-profit organisations. The objective is for 20% of CNP Assurances employees to be committed to a solidarity initiative by 2025.

(1) SAUV pour Savoir agir face à l’urgence vécue