YOUSE responds to a change in lifestyle

Permanent contracts are no longer the norm, the rental market is saturated… certain market rules and practices, such as the criterion of selection by “status”, have been made obsolete. YOUSE thus plans to change people’s mentalities by providing a pragmatic solution.

“And this is how YOUSE was born…”

YOUSE is “born to be simple”… and is an expert in the digital experience!

Traditionally at CNP Assurances, we offered our products to banks and insurance companies, in other words... to experts! By targeting the final user directly, YOUSE is shaking up our habits. YOUSE teams have thus acquired real expertise in the online experience at all levels (design, marketing, ways of working, etc.).

A project in line with corporate strategy: to import the YOUSE (our Brazilian digital insurance company) brand into Europe, to disseminate this online experience :)

A project created by intrapreneurship

In seven months, by drawing on the expertise of CNP Assurances and UX Designers, our employees managed to “establish a start-up”… Yes, but how?

An “agile” working environment and methods:

- A “Sprint room ” called Vegas: a real brain shared between the team and developers.
- The SCRUM : two-week sprints after which the minimum viable product (MVP ) is tested. A way of always making progress, on the back of feedback received from our users-testers.
- “Visual management ”: In order never to lose sight of its objectives, users and the tasks to be carried out: make room for post-its! This strengthens cohesion of the group, which thus shares the same global vision.
- Ultra-accelerated decision making : steering committee meetings every week and the release of a budget adapted to requirements, at every stage of the project.

But none of this would have been possible without … a dream team : with the support of its sponsor Yves Couturier

And further upstream… our digital community of 500 users YOU AND US! Established by strategic marketing, YOU AND US enables us to decipher practices and gives us some insights! A precious resource for all our intrapreneurial projects. Yes, there are others ;)

A user-centric culture that encourages transformation

Beyond ways of working, being user-centric” is a way of thinking… which produces positive effects.

Co-construction… changing our culture

At heart, YOUSE is first and foremost about meetings…

“Between those who do and those who use” :  with tenants and owners in the exploration phase, with users in the development phase. This culture of feedback and permanent testing makes tasks more effective, but more generally, develops pragmatism and listening skills .

“Between those who know how and those who are just beginning”. Working with start-ups first of all develops a taste for cultural integration… of certain working methods, but well beyond that: passion for innovation is contagious.

“Collective thinking”... changing our values

If there is a lesson to be learned from this innovation project… it relates to collective intelligence .

  • Internally: because the initiative has strengthened the sense of belonging of the teams responsible, but beyond this… the project makes sense, everyone could see themselves in it!
  • Externally: because it responds to the desire to improve relations between tenants and owners, the YOUSE solution is part of the collective interest .

The digital environment has enabled YOUSE to shake up habits… Even in its advertising campaigns!

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