Each of our subsidiaries has already mobilised internally to support the associations that are important to them. This year, we decided to meet our first charity challenge together as a group.

CNP Assurances in Europe and South America, ALL WORKING TOGETHER to achieve a single objective: 40,000 km, or the equivalent of circumnavigating the Earth!

From 14 October (and for a month), the physical activity of our employees (walking, running, cycling, etc.) will be recorded on their smartphones or smart watches, and converted into euro for the associations.

If the goal of “circumnavigating the world” is reached, donations of €30,000 will be shared between three associations working to combat inequality in the world: Actions contre la faim, Oxfam and Plan international.

Taking the stairs rather than the lift, going to see your colleague rather than calling them, doing some sport to unwind after work... so many small, everyday actions that will represent so much.

Motivate our employees on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #LetsMoveCNP to reach their goals!