The insurance sector is on the threshold of fundamental change that is needed to leave traditional schemes behind in order to design mutual coverage differently. It is in light of this pressing need that, upon the initiative of CNP Assurances, Fabrique d'Assurance came into existence in September 2015.

A real laboratory for ideas inspired by the technological “Fab Labs”, this association based on the twin principles of collaboration and cross-functional business, brings together international insurance experts from the insurance profession and the Social Solidarity Economy (mutual insurers, insurers, associations, researchers, academics and institutional partners etc.).

At the head of this unrivalled project in both France and Europe is a two-person team consisting of Jean-Louis Bancel (Chairman of the Mutuelle Centrale des Finances), who chairs the Board of Directors, and Alexandre André (Head of Institutional Relations of CNP Assurances) who oversee its  general management.

Fabrique d'Assurance’s corporate mission is to develop innovative recommendations on the insurance sector by incorporating the challenges of the social solidarity economy. These recommendations are sent in particular to industry stakeholders, to the trade press and to public authorities in order to push back boundaries.

Micro insurance was the first subject addressed by the “Fab Lab” in 2016, in 2017, Handicap et vieillissement : un concept évolutif, un risque, une opportunité dans une société plurielle (Disability and ageing: an evolving concept, a risk, an opportunity in a diverse society) was the second white paper, then in 2018, the discussions of Fabrique d’Assurance focussed on insurance in the face of the challenges of the new forms of work.