Identify, evaluate and prioritise the risks for the area entrusted to you to help protect the value and reputation of the company.
Manage various types of risk: financial, insurance, market and operational.


  • Identify, measure and analyse risks.
  • Plan and implement the analyses, work and recommendations.
  • Develop, deploy and suggest changes to methods, models and tools.
  • Build and develop risk measurement and monitoring tools.
  • Participate in team projects.
  • Participate in monitoring your area.
  • Prepare for and participate in risk committees.


Reliable, accurate and meticulous, with a passion for figures.

Several qualifications are required to apply for this job:

  • Actuarial degree (e.g. from ISFA, ISUP, ENSAE, etc. for France) or degree in financial engineering.
  • An understanding of insurance regulations (S2, ORSA, IFRS 17, etc.).
  • An understanding of Risk Management Information Systems (RMIS).

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