Financial ratings

  • Standard & Poor’s

    Financial Strength Rating



    Source: Standard & Poor's report - December 2019

  • Moody's

    Financial Strength Rating



    Source: Moody's report - June 2020

The financial strength of CNP Assurances and several of its subsidiaries is rated by recognized rating agencies. These ratings may be reviewed or withdrawn at any time by the agencies, in their sole discretion. Similarly, CNP Assurances is not committed to maintain these ratings, and is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of these ratings.

The financial strength rating is intended to reflect CNP Assurances' ability to meet its payment obligations vis-à-vis third parties, and may not reflect the potential impact of all risks. A rating is not a recommendation to buy, sell or hold securities issued by CNP Assurances.
None of these ratings should be interpreted as an indication or a forecast of the future performance of securities issued by CNP Assurances. The meaning of a rating may vary from one agency to another.


Extra-financial rating

The large extra-financial rating agencies validate the quality of CNP Assurances approach, particularly in terms of human resources and societal commitment.

Agence de notationNotation extra-financièreCommentaireRéférence méthodologique
OekomPrime B- (2019)Among the first three international companies in the insurance sectorFollow this link
Vigeo61/100 (2018)4 out of 53 (for the Europe insurance sector)Follow this link
MSCIAAA (2018)  
PRIA (2018)