CNP Assurances invests in DomusVi, a major care home operator

As part of its strategy of assertively investing in the French private equity market, C…




CNP Assurances mobilises its door-to-door sales force for SRI week

CNP Assurances' travelling sales force will be working hard throughout SRI week to r…

Tomorrow is already here

Electronic signature

CNP Assurances has offered an electronic signature service for term creditor ins…
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CNP Assurances launches its new baseline : “insuring all our futures” 

CNP Assurances is affirming its position as the leader in personal insurance with a new advertising campaign, a new visual identity, and a new website. Because life is full of change, the Group is committed to “insuring all our futures.”


2013 Annual report

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Our corporate social responsability Report 2013 is now available. On this occasion, discover our commitments
towards a sustainable economy and for an attractive enterprise.