The Group

About us

For 160 years, CNP Assurances has been protecting people against the risks of everyday life. Our Group is France's leading provider of life insurance and term creditor insurance, and the fourth largest insurance company in Brazil. With our life insurance, pension, personal risk insurance, health insurance and service offerings, we offer a response to the many changes affecting our policyholders' lives.

An insurance partner

In Europe, we develop and manage personal insurance products for our banking partners, such as La Banque Postale, BPCE, Banco Santander and UniCredit, as well as for mutual insurance companies, companies, local authorities and hospitals. We also have targeted offers for financial services companies interested in diversifying their product line-up. We are the leading personal insurer in France and the fourth largest insurer in Europe (except heath).

In Latin America, we have operations in Brazil and Argentina. Through our subsidiary Caixa Seguradora (formerly Caixa Seguros), partner of the country's second largest state-owned bank, we are Brazil’s fourth largest insurance provider.

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A solid group with deep roots in the public sector

We enjoy the backing of a core group of stable shareholders, Caisse des Dépôts, the French State, and two major banking partners – La Banque Postale and BPCE – through their joint holding company Sopassure, that are united by a shareholders' agreement. Together, these four shareholders own more than two-thirds of our capital.

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A robust group

With €332 billion in assets (excluding unit-linked portfolios) at 31 December 2017, CNP Assurances is a leading institutional investor. We invest in a wide range of different asset classes such as infrastructure projects, corporate debt, private equity and property. We have developed specific expertise in managing both life insurance risks and financial risks.

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Our mission: protecting all our futures

Our businesses go to the heart of people’s needs. We design and manage life insurance, pension, personal risk and protection (term creditor insurance and health insurance) products.  We serve 38 million insureds under personal risk, protection and health contracts worldwide and 14 million savings and pensions policyholders.

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An engaged participant in the sustainable economy

Our public sector legacy, our presence at the heart of policyholders' lives and our focus on anticipating changes in society have forged a commitment to better protect all our futures.  This commitment is illustrated by the fact that 81% of assets in policyholder portfolios are managed by applying environmental, social and governance (ESG) screens.

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A group focused towards the open innovation

Launched in 2016 with a budget of €100m over 5 years, the Open CNP programme aims to financially support the growth of innovative start-ups while developing mutually rewarding partnerships. The start-ups are in similar fields of activity to those of CNP Assurances: e-health, fintech, insurtech, offer development, and technologies that meet today’s needs for personal protection.

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