Corporate social responsibility is at the heart of our mission: it inspires our offers, guides our financial practices and stimulates our innovations so that insurance is always positive for everyone and accessible to as many people as possible.

Contribute to a sustainable society

This commitment is broken down as follows:

  • fight against inequalities, by avoiding financial exclusion;
  • satisfy the insured in the best way;
  • ensure good business ethics;
  • deploy a responsible HR policy;
  • develop social actions on the ground.

Some indicators:


of women executives in the Group


in donations in 2018 for health and social inclusion (Group level)


refusal in loan protection insurance

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Contribute to a sustainable environment

By annually renewing their membership of the UN Global Compact, CNP Assurances and its main signatory subsidiaries are reinforcing their commitment to controlling their environmental impacts.

The Group is committed to supporting the ecological and environmental transition towards a non-destructive economy of natural resources, both in terms of the company’s own management (digitisation, operating buildings), as well as on liabilities (relationship with our insured) and on financial assets.

A commitment rolled out in two ways:

  • optimise the environmental footprint of the internal operation;
  • steer our customer relationship towards a carbon-free economy through products and investments.

Find information on the carbon footprint of CNP Assurances

Contribute to a sustainable economy

Convinced that extra-financial factors optimise the risk/return profile over the long term, CNP Assurances has for many years deployed a responsible investor strategy for the majority of its assets and those of its French subsidiaries.

A commitment that also extends to its suppliers.  CNP Assurances, a responsible buyer, has initiated an audit and progress approach to gradually improve the environmental and social performance of all its suppliers.

Some indicators:


of assets managed by integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria


invested in small and medium-sized companies, and in start-ups. CNP Assurances is in the Top 50 globally of private equity players

Reduction in the carbon footprint of the equity portfolio

in tonnes of CO2 equivalent per €1000 invested


tonnes of CO2 eq./€K invested

Committed since 2014, the reduction in the carbon footprint of our equity portfolio will be -47% in 2021, the goal of CNP Assurances by the end of 2021.

Increase in green investments

Green bonds, renewable energies, in €bn


in new green investments by 2021 to help limit global warming to 2°C by the end of the century

CNP Assurances corporate responsibility assessed and recognised

The large extra-financial rating agencies validate the quality of CNP Assurances approach, particularly in terms of human resources and societal commitment.

  • MSCI



  • ISS Oekom

    Prime B-

    Among the first three international companies in the insurance sector


  • Vigéo


    for the Europe insurance sector