Our share price has suffered very high volatility in 2020, in an exceptional health context. However, the Group's financial results and solvency were solid, allowing the payment of a 2020 dividend of €1.57 per share, including a €0.80 exceptional dividend.


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Dividend policy of CNP Assurances

Following the various announcements and recommendations from the public authorities, the Board of directors decided in 2020 to retain all 2019 earnings instead of distributing dividends. This decision was taken during the first half of 2020, in a context of large health and economic uncertainty.

The good commercial momentum observed in the second half of 2020, the outlook for an economic recovery worldwide and the satisfactory financial health of CNP Assurances this year enabled the Board of Directors to propose a dividend to its shareholders. The General Meeting of shareholders of April 16, 2021 approved the distribution of a dividend of € 1.57 per share, including € 0.77 as regular dividend and € 0.80 as exceptional dividend, i.e. a 40% pay-out ratio over the years 2019 and 2020.

Dividend evolution

This table displays the figures relating to the evolution of the dividend: dividend per share, earnings per share, etc.
Dividend per share€ 0,77€ 0,80€ 0,84€ 0,89€ 0,00€ 1,57
Earnings per share€ 1,54€ 1,64€ 1,80€ 1,92€ 1,99€ 1,91
Dividend payout ratio*50%49%47%47%-82%
Average return ratio**5,4%5,5%4,2%4,4%-13,42%

* Dividend per share / Earnings per share
** Dividend per share / Average price


NB: The 2020 dividend includes an exceptional component of €0.80 and a regular dividend of €0.77.

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