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Dividend policy of CNP Assurances

At its meeting on 20 February 2019, the Board of Directors approved the following dividend policy:
"The Company's dividend policy is determined by the Board of Directors after reviewing the Group's results, financial position and solvency ratios, the economic environment and any other factors that are considered relevant. When determining its dividend recommendation, the Board of Directors takes into consideration the need to prudently manage the Group’s capital, the investments required to develop the business, and the recommended dividend's attractiveness for shareholders.

The Company's priority aim is to match or increase the dividend per share from year to year. CNP Assurances also aims to maintain a payout ratio – defined as the ratio between the dividend per share and earnings per share – of between 40% and 50%" (1)

(1) This dividend policy may change in the future. Dividends are decided by the Board of Directors and by the shareholders in General Meeting.

Dividend evolution

Dividend per share€ 0,77€ 0,77€ 0,77€ 0,80€ 0,84€ 0,89
Earnings per share€ 1,46€ 1,49€ 1,54€ 1,64€ 1,80€ 1,92
Dividend payout ratio*53%52%50%49%47%47%
Average return ratio**6,2%5,1%5,4%5,5%4,2%4,4%

* Dividend per share / Earnings per share
** Dividend per share / Average price


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