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Dividend policy of CNP Assurances

While confirming the terms of the press release on 18 March 2020 regarding the company's financial stability, the Board decided to change the agenda for the General Meeting on 17 April 2020 in order to once again propose retaining all 2019 earnings instead of distributing dividends

This decision, which was made against a background of changing legal and regulatory circumstances, follows the various announcements and recommendations on the subject by regulators and French government. The Board of Directors will conduct regular assessments over the coming months to see if and under what conditions another General Meeting may be held to approve the distribution of dividends. 

This decision was approuved by the General Meeting on 17 April 2020.

Dividend evolution

Dividend per share€ 0,77€ 0,77€ 0,77€ 0,80€ 0,84€ 0,89
Earnings per share€ 1,46€ 1,49€ 1,54€ 1,64€ 1,80€ 1,92
Dividend payout ratio*53%52%50%49%47%47%
Average return ratio**6,2%5,1%5,4%5,5%4,2%4,4%

* Dividend per share / Earnings per share
** Dividend per share / Average price


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