You are self-employed

You are self-employed and looking to protect yourself. CNP Assurances offers you a comprehensive range of personal insurance products specially adapted to your status to give you peace of mind.

Prepare for your retirement

Your pension plan is less generous than the plans for private sector employees and civil servants. Start saving today to optimize the income to be received by you and your spouse after you retire, taking into account your situation, age, business and goals, while also qualifying for certain tax benefits. We can give you the benefit of our experience in managing the "Madelin" contracts specially designed for self-employed workers, and our network of specialized local advisors.

Protect yourself against unexpected events

We have death/disability and health insurance solutions that are specifically tailored to self-employed workers, such as artisans, shop owners, members of the professions and entrepreneurs, and allow them to benefit from the Madelin Act tax advantages. These solutions protect you, your family and your business, in the event of temporary incapacity or long-term disability.

Ensure the sustainability of the business, with key person insurance

The key person is a person who plays a decisive role in the company’s operations. Losing this person constitutes a major risk that could have serious consequences, with the potential of bankrupting the company. The capital paid out by CNP Assurances’s key person policy can help the company to ensure the continuity of operations and the long term viability of the business.

Services for entrepreneurs

Our insurance offers all include related services. Filassistance, our subsidiary specializing in local personal services, has put in place an assistance contract to supplement the "Madelin" pension plan.

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