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Mutual insurer

Mutual insurer

A member of the Caisse des Dépôts Group, CNP Assurances has been the leading partner of the public sector mutual insurers since their creation in 1945.

Our company’s strength, social commitment and long-standing expertise make CNP Assurances the natural partner of mutual insurers for their social protection offers, covering health, personal risk and long-term care insurance. Our team of some 60 specialists is at your service, backed by the Group’s actuarial and financial expertise.

More than 100 mutual insurers are now employee benefits partners of CNP Assurances

  • CNP Assurances and the public sector mutual insurers cover the benefit needs of more than 3 million civil servants, mainly covering death, disability, incapacity and long-term care risks. France’s main public sector mutual insurance companies have joined forces with CNP Assurances within a joint subsidiary, MFPrévoyance, which offers a comprehensive line-up of advanced employee benefits solutions for distribution by these mutual insurers. 
  • For local authority and hospital employees, CNP Assurances offers supplementary cover via mutual insurers. 
  • Throughout its history, CNP Assurances has developed close ties with mutual insurers for the professions, especially in the healthcare sector, either as an insurer or a reinsurer. This has given us a deep understanding of the specific issues facing these professions. For example, our specially designed pension solutions address their need for additional income in retirement. 
  • CNP Assurances also supports general mutual insurers in providing social protection for private sector employees and people who purchase private insurance, with group and individual policies.

A comprehensive offer

CNP Assurances provides you with a range of solutions that meet the needs of your members by covering them for:

  • Death or total, permanent loss of autonomy
  • Incapacity
  • Death, disability, unemployment (term creditor insurance).
  • Long-term care needs
  • Pensions.

Products are developed jointly with our partners. Participation in group plans can be mandatory or optional. We can develop specific offers with you, for example long-term care solutions with significant emphasis on prevention. For local authority employees, CNP Assurances offers joint products through participatory agreements and also has specially certified contracts to improve the employee benefits offer for civil servants. CNP Assurances can support you via different arrangements, as insurer, co-insurer or reinsurer.

Services for mutual insurers and their members

CNP Assurances’s value-added lies in our ability build offers comprising specifically adapted associated practical services.

We are able to pool services via medical and social services platforms. One example is  Filassistance International, the local personal services specialist, which offers an assistance formula to purchasers of women’s cancer insurance, covering all stages of the disease, from detection to treatment and the related side effects. The insured's family are also given help in finding information and solutions.

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