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Local authority

Local authority

For over 50 years, CNP Assurances has been the partner of choice to support local authorities and their employees.

A Caisse des Dépôts company, CNP Assurances handles employee benefits for over 20,000 local authorities and around 60 public administration centres.

Every day, we provide public sector workers with a dedicated range of benefit and pension products and services aligned with their needs.

A website dedicated to statutory risk coverage

Local authorities have a statutory duty to continue paying their employees’ salaries during their absence due, for example, to an accident, illness or maternity leave. The cost of these absences can have a real impact on the local authority's budget and operations.

That’s why we offer statutory employee benefit plans for local authorities and public institutions.

This cover, developed jointly with partners representing regional, departmental, inter-community and municipal authorities, can be adapted to keep pace with new statutory obligations and the changing needs and budget of each local authority.

Our dedicated statutory risk coverage website comprises:

  • A public area providing information on social protection issues, local authority employees’ rights, and the prevention of socio-professional risks.
  • A space reserved for partner local authorities, providing details of all offers, products and services available with CNP Assurances statutory risk insurance policies.

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Improved protection for civil servants

Since 2011, local governments have been able to participate in supplementary health insurance and social protection schemes for their employees. Our experts were mobilised alongside those of a major mutual insurer, an employee benefits institution, and other partners to improve the benefits offer for civil servants through participatory agreements or specially certified contracts.

New service engineering to prevent absenteeism

As part of our statutory insurance offer, we work alongside you in implementing occupational health initiatives. Health-related absences are a growing financial and organizational headache for local authorities. Together, we can improve the working conditions and well-being of your employees, and in doing so, reduce absenteeism.

Our statutory insurance contracts include a comprehensive occupational health consultancy service, paid for by the insurer. It provides you with on-site advice and training in occupational health given by a team of health and safety engineers, ergonomics experts, psychologists and consultants specialised in the local authority and hospital sectors.

Some examples:

  • Help in mapping professional risks and implementing operational action plans.
  • Individual support to help people remain in their jobs or return to work. A multidisciplinary unit, led by an ergonomics expert, develops career paths allowing employees who have sometimes been absent from their local authority job for several years, to return to work.