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Employee benefits institution

Employee benefits institution

A shared ambition

Its values and its membership of the Caisse des Dépôts group make CNP Assurances a natural partner of employee benefits institutions, working with them to extend social protection (or employee benefits).  

Our strong capital base and our expertise in analysing risks are just two of the reasons why these institutions choose CNP Assurances as their partner.

A bespoke partnership

We nurture long-lasting and balanced relationships with our partners. Attentive to their needs, we develop offers adapted to their risks and the nature of their commitments.

As well as offering both individual and group insurance solutions, we can also reinsure the institutions’ risks.

To support your development, we offer you the benefit of our technical skills and our reinsurance expertise, leveraging our core competencies in:

  • Risk analysis
  • Medical selection
  • Product development

Benefit plans offering protection for private sector employees

Our experience in group insurance enables us to provide a comprehensive solution to the needs of businesses.  

In employee benefits: term life insurance (lump sum benefit, education allowance, spousal annuity), incapacity benefits (daily allowance or annuity, coverage of healthcare costs and services provided by healthcare networks, assistance services, etc.)

In long-term care, our ground-breaking offer includes several types of group contracts:  

  • Long-term care contracts with mandatory or optional employee participation
  • A long-term care formula included with another contract, for example as an annuity option with an “Article 83” defined benefit pension plan, or with a death/disability insurance or health insurance plan


In addition, we can offer pension savings solutions, employee savings solutions and insurance cover for statutory length-of-service awards.

Reinsurance expertise

We can also support you by giving you the benefit of our core strengths in reinsurance, including our expertise in analysing and managing risks, in medical selection and in product development. All of our reinsurance operations are fully independent and transparent. Our role is to support your development and to offer reinsurance formulas that protect your institution's capital.

CNP Assurances is the reinsurer for the unemployment, temporary and permanent disability and death insurance contract covering the 220,000 professionals working for in-home personal service providers.