CNP Assurances is committed to developing sales of its products through brokers and independent insurance advisors. Our aim is to support you in offering supplementary social protection insurance to your customers through turnkey products and services. A single watchword – simplicity.


We give you the benefit of our expertise and resources to develop appropriate solutions.  In a market undergoing major changes, we will work alongside you to define the best strategies to build your customer portfolio.


In the area of social protection, our objective is to manage contracts with a constant concern for limiting costs. In practical terms, this means:

  • Helping employees and self-employed professionals to prevent incapacity risks
  • Closely managing risks (death/disability, health, long-term care)


As France’s leading personal insurer, we will support you in providing health, personal risk, long-term care and pension solutions with related services for all your customers, whether they are self-employed professionals, micro-enterprises, SMEs, large corporates, local authorities or social economy stakeholders. 

For example, we have developed various personal risk and pension solutions for self-employed professionals, including a range of “Madelin” contracts.

With our delegated management policy, we support you at all levels of your business:

  • Marketing and regulatory watch
    • Development of the insurance offer and related service offer (for example, supporting your customers’ employees when they return to work, providing specific support to managers)
  • Training/production of contractual and commercial documents
  • Product launch/market introduction and underwriting processes. We can set up sales websites, pension simulators (for example, for “Article 83” supplementary pension products)
  • Salesforce motivation/performance
  • Reporting and technical monitoring/satisfaction surveys
  • Claims experience analyses

Our areas of expertise:

  • Personal insurance  
  • Specific arrangements: reinsurance, co-insurance
  • Marketing/selling aids
  • Actuarial analyses/pricing
  • Psychosocial risk prevention

A wide range of tools within easy reach

  • Creation of web interfaces (dedicated to your customers’ employees or HR department)
  • Healthcare services and support programmes
  • Long-term care needs assessments 
  • Simulators to increase awareness of the need to save for retirement and to present retirement saving solutions
  • Campaigns to prevent everyday health risks
  • Satisfaction surveys among your customers’ employees

Quality tools and indicators

Delegated management and management quality:

  • Defined quality commitments and standards
  • A dedicated customer relationship management unit
  • Audit and consulting services

Risk management:

  • Management of the risk of absence on sick leave
  • P&L, pricing, monitoring of technical ratios 
  • A dedicated actuarial department

A network of medical experts:

  • 1,000 doctors and some 2,000 medical analysis laboratories in France