Social and local economy stakeholders

You are a non profit organisation

You are a non profit organisation

Many non-profit organisations choose CNP Assurances to provide pension products and death/disability cover to their members or their employees.

Our mission is rooted in the social economy and we remain active in the area of social protection. A Caisse des Dépôts company, CNP Assurances has long-standing ties with the non-profit world. We draw on this experience to offer the most suitable products.

Build a bespoke solution.

Because each non-profit organisation has its own unique mission and different protection needs, a team dedicated to this sector will help you build a bespoke solution.

Protecting your members

CNP Assurances develops supplementary insurance products that provide enhanced cover for your members. They include:

  • A range of employee benefits solutions covering:
    • death and total permanent loss of autonomy (death benefit, accident benefit, education allowance).
    • long-term care needs (annuity or lump sum).
  • Pension products
  • Related services

These protection products are generally optional for the non-profits’ members.

Protecting your employees

We can also work with you to design a range of mandatory or optional supplementary insurance products (long-term care, health, etc.) for your employees.

Beyond financial benefits: services to make life easier

Recognising that true protection means more than just financial benefits, since 1995 we have been developing and implementing assistance services.

The idea behind this is to address upstream issues by focusing more on prevention, in order to proactively reduce the risk of insureds requiring long-term care or having to stop work for medical reasons, and downstream issues by offering practical services that suit everyone.

Today, offers developed for non-profit organisations include all or some of the services offered by our service subsidiaries, Filassistance International, a local personal services specialist, and Âge d’Or Services, a support services network for dependant elderly or disabled people.

Depending on your needs, we can also select the most suitable services with our partners in order to suggest a personalised service package.

A long-standing partnership to protect people with disabilities

CNP Assurances partners the Fédération des APAJH, a group of organisations for disabled adults and young people by offering members a lump sum or annuity in the case of death of their principal carer, as well as an independent living savings plan.