Corporate Foundation

The CNP Assurances Foundation

The CNP Assurances Foundation was set up at the initiative of CNP Assurances, its sole founder. 

As a life insurer, the Group wanted to make a significant commitment to public health through its foundation.

Created in 1993, under the aegis of the Fondation de France, the CNP Assurances Foundation became a corporate foundation in 2011, with a budget of €2.4 million over five years to pursue its public health mission.  

A foundation to serve public health

Fondation CNP Assurances has been working for over twenty years to respond to major public health issues. In 2015 the foundation decided to step up its commitment and focus on reducing social inequalities in healthcare, by supporting nationwide projects that involve young people and that are in line with its values.

While holding firm to this commitment, since 2009 the Foundation has also turned its attention to improving emergency CPR and assistance provided to heart attack victims. After reviewing a number of projects, it decided to provide funding to local communities for the installation of defibrillators in public places and for the organisation of training for local inhabitants on life-saving gestures.

A foundation that directly benefits individuals and the community

In line with the Company's values, the CNP Assurances Foundation supports projects that are of direct benefit to individuals, their families and the community. It takes on a major role as an initiator and facilitator, launching programmes in areas that don't attract much media coverage and are under-researched, with the aim of making a sustained commitment that will serve the public interest over the long term.

A signatory of France’s corporate philanthropy charter

The CNP Assurances Foundation has signed the corporate philanthropy charter ("Charte du mécénat d'entreprise") drawn up by Admical - a non-profit organisation set up to encourage businesses to embrace the principle of corporate philanthropy - and its members.