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Term creditor insurance

A leading player in term creditor insurance

The signature of a home or business loan often signals the start of a major project. CNP Assurances supports these projects by providing term creditor insurance covering home, consumer and business loans. We insure 12 million borrowers in France.

Ranked no.1 in this market segment in France, thanks to a multi-distributor and multi-channel approach, we distribute our term creditor insurance offer to over 300 financial institutions in France and have a strong presence in the employer-funded housing loan sector (“1% logement”).

The leader in Brazil through our subsidiary Caixa Seguradora (formerly Caixa Seguros), we provide cover for 2.5 million Brazilian home-buyers.

Leveraging our expertise and a product offer that meets the needs of mature markets, we are stepping up the pace of development in Europe. We already sell term creditor insurance products via our partner banks in Italy – including Barclays and UniCredit – and in Spain.

What is term creditor insurance?

Term creditor insurance offers protection for the borrower and a guarantee for the lender. In France, while it is optional for consumer loans, term creditor insurance is generally required by the lender for home loans. Insurance against the risk of death, disability and incapacity is designed to allow the insured or their heirs to avoid making all or some of their loan repayments if one of these situations arises. Unemployment cover, which is generally optional, has the same goal of allowing borrowers to carry out their project with peace of mind.

Our mission: providing real protection

For CNP Assurances, term creditor insurance is not just a means to an end but a real source of protection for borrowers against the consequences of unforeseen events.

Our mission is to provide high quality term creditor insurance services, thanks to the expertise of our highly trained insurance advisors and the tools available to assess and improve the quality of our products and services:

  • Full on-line: from the electronic signature of the insurance application and medical questionnaire to the on-line processing of claims, we now offer end-to-end paperless term creditor insurance, making life easier for policyholders and for the insurance advisors in the distribution networks.
  • Training: we continually provide training for several tens of thousands of advisors on group contracts and their guarantees, dealing with such issues as claim events, coverage exclusions, the waiting period, and the maximum payout.
  • ISO 9001 certification: the entire term creditor insurance process is quality-certified.


Risk selection adapted to each policyholder’s health profile

Our leadership of the French term creditor insurance market and our many decades of experience have helped us to forge a superior understanding of French policyholders, their behaviour, their state of health and the associated risks. Over the years, we have refined our data and analysis systems, while developing proprietary risk assessment rules covering the occurrence of insured events and the risks of everyday life. This expertise enables us to price risks with a high degree of accuracy and efficiently manage loss ratios for this complex, long-term cover. Thanks to our platforms in Europe, we have extended our knowledge to other markets and to other cultures and economic environments.  

Combatting social and financial exclusion with the AERAS Convention

Due to the fact that an increase in tariff or restrictions on guarantees may prevent future projects, especially property related ones, CNP Assurances is strongly committed to facilitating the AERAS agreement and is dedicated to its implementation. For 6 years, our refusal rate of credit insurance policies has stayed below 0.2%. CNP Assurances is also involved in the revision of the AERAS agreement concerning the right to be forgotten. As such, when taking out a credit insurance policy, former cancer patients will be insured according to the general conditions of the contract, without an increase in tariff or exclusion, if, in the case of cancers diagnosed up to 18 years previously, the final date of their treatment programme dates back further than five years, and, if no relapse has occurred, more than 10 years previously for other cancers.
At the same time, CNP Assurances has begun updating clientèle related documents so that those concerned are no longer obliged to declare their previous medical history. Furthermore, with the support of all its insurance partners, CNP Assurances worked on a reference grid that will bring the rates paid by customers who have suffered from certain diseases, including cancer, closer in line with the normal tariff.