CNP Assurances


Insuring all our futures also means offering a website that is accessible to everyone, whatever their computer equipment or physical abilities.

CNP Assurances has designed its site according to the recommendations of the RGAA (Référentiel Général d'Accessibilité des Administrations) accessibility standards for the online services of the government, local authorities and public establishments, targeting level AA.

Accessibility certification for the website is pending and will shortly be published on this site.

Separating form and content

The use of style sheets ensures the separation of the site’s formatting and content.
This keeps a consistent reading order in terms of page layout so navigation works even if CSS is deactivated.


Quick access

The site has quick links at the top of each page allowing users to directly access:

  • Page content
  • The navigation menu
  • The search box

Keyboard navigation

The Tab key allows each link to be accessed successively.

Search engine

A search engine is available on the top right of all the site’s pages.

A specific search engine is provided for questions and answers, in the Individuals section

Text size

The size of all texts is based on the use of relative units, making it scalable for most navigators. This can be done by using the following commands:

“CTRL" and “the mouse scroll wheel ”
“CTRL” and “+” (make text bigger) or “-” (make text smaller)
Browser menu bar: View > Text Size


The main menu, at the top of the page, is permanently displayed on all the website’ pages and provides access to all the main sections.

The site navigation menu is accessible using the keyboard.

The logo on the left takes you back to the home page.

The site map, from which the site’s sections and sub sections can be accessed, is featured at the bottom of every page.


Some articles include a downloadable PDF.
In order to read these articles, you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader software, which can be downloaded on the Adobe site.


The site’s colours and contrasts meet RGAA criteria.

Images and links:

Images, graphics and links are explicitly labeled to give a clear description of their content.