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Electronic signature

27 June 2014

CNP Assurances has offered an electronic signature service for term creditor insurance applications and medical questionnaires since the end of 2013, creating an end-to-end paperless process.

A technological innovation from CNP Assurances

At a time when on-line resources are becoming widespread, CNP Assurances is offering its partner banks full on-line insurance application solutions.

The electronic signature service is designed to make life easier for future policyholders and customer relationship managers in bank branches. 

With the advent of the electronic signature, CNP Assurances is now, more than ever, a benchmark in the term creditor insurance market.

The number of customers using this service has grown steadily since the first on-line term creditor insurance contract was signed electronically by a home-buyer in January 2014. CNP Assurances is now preparing to deploy the solution for other financial institutions that have expressed an interest.  

How does it work?

Once the home loan application has been accepted, the customer securely and confidentially fills out an on-line health questionnaire and term creditor insurance application.

The document can only be validated when properly completed, reducing the risk of mistakes that require multiple exchanges of correspondence to correct.

Documents validated by the customer are then stored directly in an electronic safe, giving the insurer all the necessary documentation and information on the insurance applicant.

The application process is significantly shorter and more secure as entries are verified on-line by the system and then electronically validated by the customer at each stage in the process.

A full on-line application process, for a faster, more secure service

CNP Assurances’s electronic signature service offers partners and policyholders multiple advantages:

  • an easier and faster customer experience
  • zero paper, resulting in smoother processes and an improvered carbon footprint
  • underwriting and storage processes aligned with the shift to digital in the networks (tablet computers, digitized archives, etc)
  • a solution perfectly suited to the development of on-line banking
  • an ideal solution for customers that are unable to visit their bank branch or other insurance sales point