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  • 27 September 2017

    Hélène Falchier, head of private equity investment and chief executive officer of Open CNP, will take part in the ‘Start-ups and Insurance’ conference organised by L’Argus de l’Assurance. She will speak in the closing debate: ‘Lab or not Lab, how to enter into a sustainable process of open innovation?’.

  • 21 September 2017

    Frédéric Lavenir, chief executive officer of CNP Assurances, will take part in the second edition of the La Fabrique d’Assurance symposium, which will be held at the French Economic, Social and Environmental Council. He will participate in the round table: ‘Disabilities and ageing: a progressive concept, a risk, or an opportunity in a diverse society?’

  • 5 September 2017

    Olivier Jamot, head of strategic marketing at CNP Assurances, will take part in the ‘Millennials and Insurance Morning’ organised by l’Argus de l’Assurance on the theme of ‘How to win over and retain more than 10 million disruptors?’


  • 31 July 2017

    CNP Assurances' first-half 2017 premium income and profit

  • 5 July 2017

    Ethics and digital in insurance: the algorithms under discussion. Nicolas Legrand, director of the CNP Assurances group technical summaries department, takes part in this conference organised by the FFA.


  • 23 June 2017

    16th Congrès des Actuaires on how to deal with regulatory inflation :Frédéric Lavenir, CNP Assurances' CEO takes part in the round-table discussion "From regulation to hyper-regulation: the effects". Jean-Michel Pinton, Group Chief Accountant, speaks on the issue of the new IFRS insurance standard (IFRS 17) and Jean-Philippe Medecin, head of the ALM and finance department, takes part in the PRIIPS workshop.

  • 14 June 2017

    La French Touch Conference: Magali Noé, chief digital officer of CNP Assurances and Eldes Mattiuzzo, CEO de Youse Seguro, will be speakers.
    La French Touch Conference Paris celebrates the french success stories all around the world!

  • 13 June 2017

    Colette Hamon, head of the borrower management unit, takes part in the customer relations forum organised by L'Argus de l'assurance


  • 30 May 2017

    Frédéric Lavenir, CEO of CNP Assurances, will participate in the debate "Non-traditional players and disruptors: should we worry about newcomers?" during the "Grand Forum de l’Assurance" conference organised by L’Argus de l’Assurance in Paris.

  • 18 May 2017

    Anani Olympio, Group R&D and Data'Lab manager for CNP Assurances, will participate in a round-table discussion on big data during the "Forum de la Gestion Institutionnelle" conference organised by l'AGEFI.