Towards a sustainable economy

Responsible purchasing

Responsible purchasing

As a leading contributor to the economy, we have a role to play in selecting suppliers and setting the terms of our relationships.

CNP Assurances: deploying a commitment

CNP Assurances’ CSR principles are also put into practice by the purchasing department, with all buyers aware of these issues and most of them trained in CSR compliance. The Group’s Ethical Purchasing Charter and the Code of Ethics govern buying practices.

A signatory to the Global Compact, CNP Assurances always strives to promote its commitment to respecting Human Rights in its dealings with its subcontractors and suppliers. After contractualisation, EcoVadis is currently performing a CRS assessment of the main suppliers.

Nearly all of CNP Assurances's suppliers of goods and intellectual or other services are based in France. The use of subcontractors is mostly limited to intellectual services as well as printing, mailing, enveloping, archiving, bulk data entry, call centre and maintenance services.

Payment deadline

The average payment deadline for suppliers was 49 days for the financial year 2016, representing an extra 2 days compared with 2015, thanks to different optimisation campaigns implemented: indexing of invoices upon receipt, targeted follow-ups dependent on the payment term. The “payment deadline for suppliers” indicator applied by CNP Assurances relating to the financial year 2016 is therefore shorter than the standard deadline of 45 days from the end of the month (i.e. 45 days added to the end of the month of issuance of the invoice representing a maximum payment deadline of 75 days), which shows that CNP Assurances respects its commitments towards its suppliers by paying them within reasonable deadlines.

Caixa Seguroradora Holding: CSR clauses in all contracts

Caixa Seguradora Holding includes CSR clauses in its supplier contracts based on the Global Compact principles (labour, the fight against organised crime and drug trafficking, the environment, fraud and money laundering).

A platform for supplier ESG audits

CNP Assurances has signed a partnership agreement with EcoVadis to pool supplier environmental, social and ethical performance tracking processes. This online service allows Purchasing Departments to holistically monitor the environmental, social and ethical performance of their suppliers. The information is compiled on a collaborative platform that includes 150 business sectors and 95 countries.

Following the audit, suppliers receive detailed feedback on their CSR practices including a rating in four categories (environment, social, ethics, responsible purchasing) and a list of their strengths and areas for improvement.