Our commitments

RSE indicators

2015 figures

For protection for everyone

  • Our term creditor insurance rejection rate is still below 0.2%
  • Number of unit-linked contracts deemed to be socially responsible investments: 112,000 (up 17% on 2014)
  • 85% satisfaction rate for CNP Assurances’ individual insurance policyholders

For a sustainable economy

  • €265 billion in assets managed by the Group under ESG criteria (up 7% on 2014)
  • Our commitment to a low-carbon economy: a 20% reduction in CO2 equivalent emissions in our listed equity and investment property portfolios by 2020
  • 45% of CNP Assurances’ suppliers audited on their environmental, social and ethical performance

For an attractive company

  • Employees: 4,740
    Of which CNP Assurances Group: 3,006
    Consolidated French and international subsidiaries: 1,734
  • Proportion of women senior managers in the Group: 33%
  • Employees with disabilities at CNP Assurances: 6.4%

For a caring society

  • Reduction in paper use for the Group’s internal purposes: down 8% in 2015
  • Forests used as a carbon sink to capture and store 539,020 t.CO2eq
  • €5.7 million donated by Group entities to health, social inclusion and community research projects in 2015

CNP Assurances’s SRI ratings in 2015

CNP Assurances’s sustainable development commitment has been recognised by SRI rating agencies. Our performance is particularly strong in the areas of human resources management and community outreach.

  • Sustainalytics: 83/100 (August 2014)

5th out of 94 insurance companies worldwide



  • Oekom: Prime C+ (October 2015)



  • Vigeo: 54/100 (2014 rating. 2015 in progress)

7th out of 37 European insurance companies


  • CDP 92 D (July 2015)

CNP Assurances in SRI indices

CNP Assurances’ shares are included in several European SRI indices. In particular, its presence in the Ethibel Sustainability Index Excellence Europe, the Euronext Vigeo – Eurozone 120 and Europe 120 indexes and the MSCI Global Sustainability Indexes has been confirmed.
In 2015, the share joined the FTSE4Good Index.